Professional BOSE® speakers, designed for church environments, project sound evenly throughout the large reverberant space.

We’re really thrilled! For the first time in years the Music Ministry can hear the homily — they are very happy.
— Rev. James K. Joyce, Sacred Heart Parish "The Pink Church", Pittsfield, MA
"The Pink Church" in Pittsfield has beautiful custom church sound.

"The Pink Church" in Pittsfield has beautiful custom church sound.

Church video application designed for overflow spaces.

Church video application designed for overflow spaces.

Complete church audio design solutions

New church sound systems and system upgrades are an important investment. At PSNE we take sound seriously. The Spoken Word is too important not to. Since 1969 we have provided churches throughout New England with audio visual system consultation, pro sound systems, custom church sound system design, and sound system equipment sales & service. A church may have a beautiful worship space, a loyal congregation, and inspiring services— all hindered by poor sound quality. Your congregation deserves to hear what they’ve been missing. We provide effective turn–key pa systems, as well as comprehensive video projection, live streaming and multimedia systems. Our systems are designed specifically for ease of use by everyone, not just the tech-savvy.

Church sound systems

Design and consultation come first. Why? Because even the best equipment will not save a poor design—but, a great design can make moderate-quality equipment shine. Is your church sound affected by older or inferior quality equipment? We can often transform an existing system by simply installing updated components.

Beautiful sound for both the spoken word and the music ministry

We know your design needs to handle more than oration. Sound projection for the music ministry is an important part of worship services. Our audio systems are designed especially for you, for your worship space needs, and for how you use the system. Whether amplifying a small chorus or using multichannel mixers and microphones for a full worship band, we’ll design a custom solution to ensure that sound quality for both the liturgy and the music shine.

Church video projection

PSNE’s video projection system design experience—spanning seven decades— ensures we can design and install precisely the right video system, church security system, or live streaming application to fit your needs. We employ professional, state-of-the-art equipment including LCD video projectors, large format projection screens, high-definition monitors, security cameras, digital video camera systems, and more.

The church video systems we design provide a more visual experience to worship, education and presentations. And churches are discovering that video presentations are drawing younger parishioners and enhancing Youth worship services and Teen Life Ministry.

What can video projection do for you?

Becoming especially popular for worship, a church video system can bring about a deeper connection through video for overflow, hymn lyrics, religious imagery, announcements, and educational presentations. If you can imagine it, we can design it.

Video applications for all you imagine

The same video projection featuring cameras and digital recording capabilities can be used for church security and surveillance. Video applications can be a multi-purpose tool to serve the seemingly contrary trends for church security and transparency.