Live streaming keeps them connected. We have many seasonal parishioners from Texas, Florida and beyond. Video streaming allows them to feel attached to the parish even when they are many miles away. It’s also a wonderful tool for friends and family to experience weddings and funerals. Church streaming allows anyone not able to attend Mass to experience it.
— Rev. Michael R. Nagle, Good Shepherd Parish, Martha's Vineyard
Live streaming is perfect for those events that family and friends may not be able to attend in person.

Live streaming is perfect for those events that family and friends may not be able to attend in person.


Live Streaming isn’t new… the way WE do it is!

High-definition, fluid motion. Vibrant Color. Automated. Our 24/7 support.   AND… we have designed it so our monthly streaming services are approximately 1/3 the price of traditional streaming providers!

What is Live Streaming?

PSNE Live Church Streaming is a video streaming solution designed especially for churches. Unlike a podcast which is recorded for later playback, it allows you to broadcast worship services and other events live, as they happen, on your website.

Why PSNE video internet streaming for your church?

Church streaming makes the worship experience border-less. Congregation and other worshipers can watch live video broadcasts of your church anywhere; on a laptop, desktop, ipad, smartphone or almost any other internet-connected device. Viewers can tune-into your streams from around the corner—or around the world.

Imagine a wedding, baptism, or Bar/Bat Mitzvah at your house of worship. Now imagine that family and friends across the country, or even across the globe, can experience the special event they otherwise would have missed. Every worship service will be available to anyone including those seeking a church to attend, or your own congregation members who may not be able to attend every time they wish to.

Is live video streaming easy to operate?

With PSNE’s Live Church Streaming we take care of the details. Call us to discuss what you need. We can install a camera recording system if you don’t yet have one. We’ll plan streaming schedule with you–whether you want all day steaming or specific times–and we’ll manage the setup. And included with your streaming package subscription is remote technical support.

Live video streaming automatically broadcasts, (streams) and even records your services for archiving. All you have to do is place the link we provide on your website. That’s it.

View an example of live streaming.

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